Skill improvement

Abdi, Ali, Moradi, Azar, Shogun, Ezaat, Ibrahim, Kargbo, Lam, Hersi, Kader, Peerdawid, Suleiman, Al- Khalidy, Arslan, def Osman, El Ouali, H’lal, Al Attabi, Asrafie, Erdi, Hasan, Al Koheily, Hassan, Osman, {gspeech language=en}Mohamed, Salar and Saris.

They improved their Dutch language skills. They developed better skills for reading and writing, listening and speaking. U2 soon? Join them.! Increase your skills in Dutch language, get a degree, find a job.

niveauverhogingABC in Beweging. For a personal touch with better results. Interested? ABC in Beweging offers a customized program to fit your personal needs. Fill out the contactform to share your wishes with us.{/gspeech}