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(playing with the Dutch language).

Afbeelding SPEELtaal-onderdelen

Dictation exercises for fun Create winning slogans SPEELtaal Logo of names More SPEELtalen

Obviously, to get a basic use of a language, you first must learn the language (LEERtaal). To participate in a nation’s labour market with a desired job, a professional use of the language is necessary (WERKtaal).

But turning a language into fascinating games, use it as a social playground… for me that is the ultimate and most beautiful the Dutch language has to offer. Dictations, slogans, poems, yells and family names in WORDLE are just a few examples of SPEELtaal.

Live to play. Play to live.

The Slogan King performed on the radio program “Debby en haar Mannen” at the local channel Omroep West