Dictation exercises for fun

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Dictation exercises for fun.

Bedrijfs- en familiedicteeDictation exercises are popular. Since well-known writers are reading out loud the feared phrases of the Grand Dictation of the Dutch language on television, making a dictation exercise is just cool to do. All dictation variations are possible.
You also want an own dictation? For your staff, family or club mates. Together we come up with a topic for your dictation.{/gspeech}

1. 50th birthday of cousin Carl.
2. Silver wedding anniversary of uncle Oliver and aunt Trudy.
3. The amazing bachelorhood of your friend.

1. The reopening of the renovated office.
2. The successful migration of the new software.
3. A new species of roses, or the introduction of the new car model.

1. The anniversary of your sports club.
2. The new club uniform.
3. The new interior of the canteen.

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What is in it for me?
Surprise, lots of laughter and fun for both participants and organisation. Prize for the winner.

2 hours

Home, office, canteen, club building

More information at Arnold van Mierlo, ABC in Beweging