Logo of names

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Logo of names (on photo album or canvas print).

FamilievanMierlo WORDLEYou don’t always have to be creative for a successful result. In this workshop we will use an easy-to-use versatile computer program to get amazing and astounding results. For example, we create a special presentation of all the names of your relatives. After that, you decide what to do with the unique collage. Get it printed on a t-shirt, plate of glass or canvas. Anything is possible.{/gspeech}

Content Workshop

  • Introduction
  • Beautiful examples
  • Demonstration
  • Get started!
  • Results
  • Judging
  • Final choice

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What is in it for me?
Surprise, lots of laughter and satisfaction for both participants and organisation. Prize for jointly chosen best collage.

2 hours

Home, office, canteen, club building

More information at Arnold van Mierlo