Job application training

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They learned how to apply for a job – with result.

In order to be a successful participant in the Dutch labour market it is imperative to know and properly employ the Dutch language. Language education is most effective at a workplace, in which the student both gets educated and does a job.

cv- en sollicitatietrainingABC in Beweging helps you to follow a practical route. First you discover what you want. Then you fulfil the requirements of your chosen career. After that you successfully apply for a job. And finally you start to work or even start your own business.!

Are you applying for a job? ABC in Beweging can provide you with a custom-made language course to achieve your goals.
Besides job application training we also offer a career test course and several language courses for AKA, VCA, taxi-, cleaning-, electrician, painting business and starting your own business.

At ABC in Beweging we do business with a personal touch to get you better results. Interested? ABC in Beweging offers a customized program to fit your personal needs. Fill out the contactform to share your wishes with us.{/gspeech}