Civic integration

Abdi, Ali, Moradi, Azar, Shogun, Ezaat, Ibrahim, Kargbo, Lam, Hersi, Kader, Peerdawid, Suleiman, Al- Khalidy, Arslan, def Osman, El Ouali, H’lal, Al Attabi, Asrafie, Erdi, Hasan, Al Koheily, Hassan, Osman, {gspeech language=en}Mohamed, Salar and Saris.

They did it. They followed the Dutch civic integration course. U2 soon? They succeeded in learning to read and write, listen and speak in Dutch. Join them.! Learn Dutch, get a degree, find a job. Read more on civic integration at

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  • Digital course materials.
  • Listen and speak exercises.
  • Various practice files.
  • Language games and contests.
  • Certificate of participation.

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