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ABC stands for: Always on Behalf of the Citizen.

Companies, citizens, clubs, friends and families. ABC in Beweging helps people to achieve their goals through the use of the Dutch language. No one wants to sit idly by and just watch. You want to play an active part? In a social conversation or during a job procedure? Or you want to come up with a catchy slogan to win a trip to South Africa? Whether you are learning the Dutch language, prepare for an job interview or just want to have fun with the Dutch language: ABC in Beweging provides all of the above!

SlogankingABC in Beweging is an initiative of Arnold van Mierlo and was founded in October 2007. Since then, hundreds of students participated in one or more of his trainings, such as civic integration, literacy, empowerment, skill improvement and state exams. Through municipal social services many jobseekers followed the career test program, which lead to successful application letters and job interviews.

Our website will get a make-over in 2013. A new branch SPEELtaal will be added. In addition to serious education of the Dutch language, we offer you workshops which are full of joyful amusement with the Dutch language. In cosy workshops you will play and battle with our language. Will you come up with the best new company name? Can you think of a winning slogan? Yes, you can, and it will all be led by no one other than ‘the Slogan King of The Hague’.

This ‘Slogan King’ acts from one motive: Always on Behalf of the Citizen. The ‘Slogan King’ pleases all of his “ordinary” citizens. An ideal outing/event for companies, families and groups of friends, looking for something more different than just different.

ABC in Beweging is active throughout the Netherlands, but mainly in the district Zuid-Holland. We support, teach and amuse you personally with the Dutch language. We help your company to save money, show how your employees can get more skills of the Dutch language, so they can use it more effectively. We would like to teach your colleagues, your employees and you to win a slogan competition. For fun. We would like to develop courses, trainings and workshops that perfectly fit your needs.

Do not stand still. Get in motion. You are welcome at ABC in Beweging.{/gspeech}

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