More SPEELtalen

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More SPEELtalen.

Meer SPEELtalenWords are powerful weapons. Choose them with care. They can let you win or lose, cry or laugh. ABC in Beweging likes to teach you to win and we can make you laugh. Be a winner, join the fun!

Working together, Everybody can (be taught to) write a wonderful poem. It is surprising entertainment.

Check your cell phone and discover! What do you see? What can you win? A flashy game with words. Go for it!

Nothing wrong with a cosy quiz. Pick your own QQuiZZ for your family, friends, company or club.

Yellyellyell, DAS played well. Or 1, 2, 3, TEAM. You can do this better? A brand new club Yell can make a difference. Create and choose the appropriate Yell for your soccer team, football team, ice hockey team or sports club.

You know all about the specific words, terms and phrases used in your sport? So, are you up for a test to prove it? It’s your call. Pick your own SPORTtaal. You can win by choice!

Challenge your friends and family while improving your vocabulary. Play My Word Coach on the WII. Learn to win with “lettersoep”, “letterblokken” en “woordenbrij”. 3, 2, 1… Go!{/gspeech}

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What is in it for me?
Surprise, lots of laughter and fun for both participants and organisation. Prize for the winner.

2 hours

Home, office, canteen, club building

Come by yourself or with your familiy, company or club. Join us in the fun. Book now your place for the workshop. For more information, contact your organiser Arnold van Mierlo, ABC in Beweging