Create winning slogans

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Workshop Create Winning Slogans.

slagzinkoning-met-prijzenThe slogan and tagline remain popular. ‘The Slogan King of The Hague’ – winner of over 300 advertising contests – reveals in this workshop all the secrets of this fascinating advertising profession. Get all the tips and tricks and teach yourself to create winning slogans.
Brainstorm with your staff to develop a new slogan for your company or department.
Win free vacations, cars and trips in commercial slogan competitions.
Only for those who want to learn to win!{/gspeech}
Content Workshop: How to create a winning slogan!??

  • Introduction
  • The King of Slogans and his rewards
  • Well-known slogans
  • Where to find slogan competitions?
  • Tips and tricks
  • Let’s get to work!
  • Assessment of results
  • And the winner is…!?

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What is in it for me?
Surprise, lots of laughter and fun for both participants and organisation. Prize for jointly chosen best slogan.
And all the participants will receive a goody bag filled with 20 tips to win a slogan competition.

2 hours

Home, office, canteen, club building

More information at ‘The Slogan King of The Hague’, Arnold van Mierlo

‘The Slogan King of The Hague’ makes his appearance on the television program Tiswat at channel TV-West